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I. preparation of w-type flexible anti-seismic interface cast iron drain pipe materials and pipe fittings before installation:

Type W flexible aseismic interface cast iron drain pipe and pipe fittings should be cleaned before installation. Mud, sand, stone and other debris should not be found in the pipe.

The w-type flexible aseismic joint cast iron shall remove the burr of the incision, file the outer circle slightly and chamfer the pipe before installation.

W-type flexible anti-seismic interface cast iron drain pipe can be cut with common metal cutting tools, such as grinding machine, saw, etc.

Ii. The installation method of w-type flexible aseismic joint cast iron drain pipe and pipe fittings, what are the operation steps of the clamp joint

1. Clean the outer wall surface of the pipe at the interface;

2. Put the stainless steel hoop on the pipe at the end of the interface first;

3. Put one end of the rubber ring on the pipe mouth of an interface pipe (usually at the end of the fixed pipe or pipe fitting) and insert it into the specified depth;

4. Turn the other end of the rubber ring outward;

5. The pipe fitting or pipe opening to be connected shall be put into the inverted rubber ring mouth, the orientation shall be calibrated, and the inverted rubber ring mouth shall be turned back to normal state;

6, once again that the slope of the calibration pipe or sag or bearing, preliminary with steam-water pipes, mobile stainless steel clamp set outside the rubber ring, with a special tightening bolts on the sleeve tighten the clamp, the interface is complete. However, the bolts on the hanger should be tightened immediately so that the pipe can be fixed reliably.

Iii. What are the horizontal pipe installation methods of w-type flexible aseismic interface cast iron drain pipe materials and pipe fittings

1. Bracket installation: determine the sequence and location of pipeline installation, determine the specification and model of pipe rack according to the pipeline elevation of construction drawing, and make it according to this, paint it, and number it according to the construction sequence. Because of the slope of the drain pipe installation, the length of the pipe rack is different, not wrong order. According to the installation principle of pipeline, the support (crane) is fixed in the direction of reverse drainage slope.

2. Pipeline installation: according to the general requirements of flexible hoop type centrifugal drain cast iron pipe installation, it shall be installed in the direction of reverse water flow. Before installing the pipe, the pipe bracket must be installed. When an interface connection is completed, the connected pipe segment shall be firmly fixed to the bracket to prevent installation deviation caused by displacement. Since the pipe connection is a flexible interface and the expansion coefficient is small, there is no need to set up the expansion compensation device. When necessary, each connection mouth allowing a small amount of deflection, but maximum shall not be greater than 3 ° deflection Angle.

Iv. What are the vertical pipe installation methods of w-type flexible aseismic interface cast iron drain pipe materials and pipe fittings

1. When the vertical pipe is installed across the floor, rigid casing should be adopted for the vertical pipe through the floor. The roof is a rigid waterproof casing.

2. The bottom of the riser shall be supported by a pier or reinforced support (lifting) frame. Because the hoop can only bear part of the axial tension and vertical shear force. In accordance with the actual situation, if the bottom of the riser of can use 90 ° corner hit the duck feet bend, fittings fixed on the floor.

3. When the vertical pipe turns to a horizontal position, a strengthened fixed bracket shall be installed at the bottom of the elbow.

The initial end of the drain branch pipe is directly connected to the sanitary ware, floor drain and rainwater hopper and directly suffers the impact disturbance of water flow. Therefore, the fixation of the branch pipe should be paid more attention to. Fixed in the following three cases:

 (1) a single part is connected to the pipe and a fixed bracket is added at the bottom of the elbow.

 (2) multiple fittings are connected to the pipe, and fixed bracket and hanger are added at each part and separated from each other.

 (3) in the pipe fittings is more close together, is almost pipe connection, each other should be set up under the pipe trough pipe bracket, bronchitis (hanging) frame connected to pipe bracket, the spacing between fixed support and hanger, every 3 meters.
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